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AnSir Communications understands the struggle that running your business imposes. 

  Let us help you!

We will take and deliver your messages accurately and promptly 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Our highly trained operators are here to answer calls when you can't be there.

      Ansir, When Every Call Counts!


​We have over 35 years of experience in the electronic security industry  and thousands of alarm clients that require 24 hour dispatch services.  Several years ago we examined our relationship with telephone answering services that we had previously been affiliated with.  The reoccurring problem we discovered was that all of the answering

services that we had utilized

did a dismal job at best!


We are almost complete with the installation of our new fiber optic cable.  Telephone lines are not what they used to be.  VOIP circuits over cable internet are not as reliable as older copper wire technology.  Fiber optic technology promises better voice and reliability. We will be up and running with fiber optic cable failed over to a PRI with a third redundancy provided by cable VOIP.  The result we are expecting is zero down time and crystal clear voice quality.  As always we invite all clients and potential clients to visit us at any time.

  Come meet the after hours face of your company! 


  • ​LIVE Operators 24/7/365

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Message Delivery  Via
  •  Voice, Fax, Text Message, Email or any combination 

  •  Order entry

  •  ​Appointment Scheduling

  • ​ Live Call Patching

  •  Your Own Answer Phrasing

  •  Call Screening​

  •  Custom Services Available

  •  Elevator Emergency Telephone Answering

  •  Back-up Disaster Telephone Services

  •  Have a need?  Challenge us to find a solution.

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