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About Us



We have over 40 years' experience in the electronic security industry and thousands of clients that require 24hour dispatch services.  Over a decade ago we examined our relationships with telephone answering services that we had previously been affiliated with.  The reoccurring problem we discovered was that all of the answering services that we had utilized did a dismal job at best. Sad as it may seem and sounding like a negative statement it is however true.

So we coin a very old phrase "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".  Our clear and obvious answer to the problem was to form AnSir Communications. AnSir Communications was born both of necessity and of a great desire to provide exemplary tele-messaging services to companies in our area.


We have installed the latest, top of the line equipment available to tele-messaging providers.  We constantly train and retrain our operators.  We maintain the highest ratios of operators to clients in the industry.  New clients and existing clients are invited and encouraged to meet with our operators for question and answer sessions as often as the client likes.  We know that our operators are truly an extension of our client's office and therefore, we are steadfast in our efforts to provide a tele-messaging service that will exceed ​the expectations of our clients​.

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